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Residential Solar

As one of the reputed 100% Australia owned solar companies in Australia, we have a wide range of grid-connect solar systems powering everything from whole communities and developments, through to family homes.
At AU SOLAR FEED, The household or residential solar system is the basis of how our business was built! we understand that each resident’s needs are unique and different. Our team of experts have been sitting down with homeowners 1 to 1 since day one and have a depth of experience in recommending the right size system to meet individual needs and consumption habits.
With 10+ years experience in solar industry, we understand that for many people, deciding who to choose for their solar energy system is a difficult choice and a massive investment. This is why we consistently endeavour to provide an unparalleled service in cost, ease and workmanship. We will work with you on a transparent basis, analysing the needs of your home to ensure you get the system that best suits your family requirements while keeping in mind your budgetary restraints.
Regardless of whether you’re building a new home or upgrading your existing property, we have a solar option for you and want to make the process as streamlined as possible. Choose from our residential Grid-Connected System or Hybrid System with Battery Storage. We specialise in OFF-GRID/Standalone system, so, if you have grown tired of those blackouts which could last for days you have arrived at right place!
We’ll walk you through the entire process from consulting the system size, design to installing and commissioning – We offer an outstanding after sales support 24/7.
Stepwise Consultation :

Step 1

We will take the time to visit you in person and sit down with you to assess your energy usage and consumption habits. We will also determine how suitable your rooftop is for solar. We will also assess other required site specifications like Meter Box, Switch Box, ideal location for Inverter, etc to do and follow all essential CEC’s guidelines.

Step 2

We will show you how to read your electricity bills and understand how the charges are calculated so you can interpret how our calculations can result in a system solution that can help you save in multiple ways. We can show you the real numbers that will lead to a $O, or significant reduced electricity bill. We will confidently size the right system using the historical data from your past electricity bills. We will also discuss any future home improvement plans that might need to be taken into account when designing your solar system like purchase of EV, Swimming Pool, etc.

Step 3

We explain feed-in tariffs and the federal government Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), so you can get the full picture and assess the positive impact on your budget. As a standard practice, we provide this savings and costing breakdown to you in an easy-to-read document for review after our appointment

Commercial Solar

Investing in a solar power system for your commercial building could strategically change the future running costs of your business and help to maximise your return on investment.Now, more than ever, is a better time to go solar. Energy bills are the highest they have ever been in Australia and are directly increasing your business’s running costs. While energy bills are spiking, solar prices are falling, and the Government is continuing to provide incentives and rebates.
We pride ourselves on providing the most efficient products, ensuring we keep your office or warehouse running when you need it most, lowering electricity costs and reducing your impact on the environment.
Whether it’s a small business or an industrial-sized building, we have the team and the expertise to provide the right commercial solar system for your building needs. Our team of experts include electrical engineers who can provide the support we need to deliver the most appropriate installation for the building structure and ensure all measures are in place to meet large-scale solar safety requirements. As commercial grade solutions are big investments, our team of solar experts will collaborate with the business to design the ideal solution, including performing thorough assessments and checks of the building, roofing, and the existing electrical wiring before suggesting an ideal solar solution.
We will provide an assessment on what solar can do for your business in the long-term and ensure you get the most out of government incentives, our 3-4year payback period and the system yield. With CEC designers and installers, a 10-year warranty backed by our workmanship guarantee, there has never been a better time to switch to a greener energy option.
Stepwise Consultation:

Step 1

One of our commercial experts will meet with a business representative to discuss the building layout, condition, desirable system size, panel placements and overall goals for the project. We then provide a proposal that includes a suite of globally recognised Tier 1 products all chosen to meet the project goals and budget.
AU Solar Feed, is committed to providing Aussie businesses with the highest quality solar system products at the most competitive rates. Our experts have immense and wide-ranging experience and will go the extra mile to service our clients with the most innovative and affordable commercial solar systems in the market.

Step 2

Once the finer details have been decided, we conduct a pre-site assessment with an
engineer to ensure the proposed solution will fulfil all project requirements and there are no surprises when we arrive to carry out the installation

Step 3

Next, we move into sourcing the required grid approvals and progressing with installation plans. All parties are informed at every step to ensure the process is transparent, thorough and robust.
Why Every Australian Business Should Go Solar?
The threat of continued electricity price rises poses significant challenges for Australian Businesses. AU Solar Feed Commercial Solar Power Systems provides the ultimate solution for businesses which are wanting to save money but also promote a green solution. Commercial Solar Power will have immediate effects when it comes to cutting the costs of your bills. Your business will also take advantage of AU Solar Feed promise to provide you with a product which will last as well as work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If there are any issues with your Panels our team offer 24 hour support to back you at your time of need. We believe that coque de telephone dessinj bardellahandyhülle xrhandyhüllen gestaltenwebsitescheck out your url Solar is the way of the future for all Australian businesses and with benefits that are next to none we think you’ll agree too. See the positives of going Solar today!

We can help you get finance for your system to generate cash-flow positive outcome

Solar Power With Batteries

Battery storage is a practical solution for your home’s power storage needs. We have so many of our customers asking us about battery storage and how they can implement this power solution in their home. With home battery storage you can store the excess energy produced by your solar panels for nighttime usage, as well as use your power as a backup supply for your home. By far one of the most attractive benefits of a battery bank in the home is being able to sell energy back to the power grid at peak times, offering a nice benefit to homeowners who have taken the step of installing a solar battery storage solution.
Adding batteries to an existing solar system or onto a new system is the ultimate in controlling your electricity bill.
At AU SOLARFEED, we are experienced in working with homeowners and delivering custom solar battery system solutions for all types of homes, families, and uses. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help get your solar storage system up and running

Hybrid Solar system

Hybrid system means that solar panels, solar inverter and battery system are in interface with the utility grid which allows residential and commercial properties to have energy independence and have luxury of electricity during blackouts
Hybrid solar systems generate power in the same way as a common grid-connected solar system but uses hybrid (Battery Ready) inverters and batteries to store energy for later use. The ability to store energy enables most hybrid systems to also operate as a backup power supply when there is no electricity.

Advantages of Hybrid Solar System?

The only sustainable future for Australia is to produce their own energy with the help of solar panels in the day and storing it in a battery bank to be used at night. This will assist in lowering the dependence on the grid electricity. Skilled engineers at AU Solar Feed can design reliable hybrid solar systems with battery backup which will eliminate the need for electricity from the grid & also will create clean & low-cost electricity for many years to come. AU SOLAR FEED, designs and installs Hybrid PV systems with excellent functionality and a good monitoring system, the Hybrid solar systems can deal with a huge variety of situations including grid Interruptions, blackouts and balancing renewables with grid power providing almost seamless transitions between your batteries, solar and the grid connected supply to your premises.
Hybrid Solar is an attractive and affordable option for both households and businesses to lower their utility bills and move towards energy independence. Hybrids systems can include backup systems, which continue to function when the grid is down, as well as systems that will not work when the grid is down. Having a backup system during power outages is a great benefit, but it is a luxury and will cost you about 30% more.

Off-Grid / Stand-alone Solar system

Also known as stand-alone solar systems, off-grid solar systems provide grid-like electricity. They are installed where grid electricity is either unavailable or has unreliable grid power. Off-grid solar systems consist of roof or ground-mounted solar panels, a battery to store energy, an integrated backup diesel generator and an Inverter and Charger controllers to act as an interface between the different inputs.
Since off-grid solar systems are customizable based on the client demand, the size is variable and can be designed to run one appliance or an entire township.
A back-up diesel generator is integrated with the off-grid solar system in case of bad weather or more demand in energy

Who is it Meant For?

Aussie homes in a remote location or homeowners who are moving into an existing house, adding a removable house or building a new house then off grid solar systems is the best solution as compared to connecting to the grid. In case of no access to the national electricity grid, We can set up high quality off grid solar systems that are the perfect option as a complete stand-alone power system.
We have the knowledge and professional experience of providing quality end-to-end solutions from design to installations to intenance. By using local installers we are able to provide service and backup to our customers ensuring systems are maintained or repaired promptly, quickly going back into service.

Advantages of Off-Grid Solar System

Off-grid solar systems – autonomy

Looking at the design of an off-grid system from a professional point of view, it is recommended to have at least 1.5 – 2 days autonomy in your battery bank. This is IF there is a backup generator present. Without a generator the “autonomy” time is recommended to be increased to 2-3 days. The autonomy time is the daily usage times and means that with low or no sunlight during bad weather, you will have enough power to run all your appliances as normal, without the generator needing to come on.
To calculate the size of the battery bank you take your daily kWh usage and multiply it by the number of days you would like to have autonomy. For example, if you use 10kWh per day and would like 2 days autonomy, you would need to have a battery bank which has 20kWh of usable storage.
Stepwise Consultation :

Step 1


After you contacted us via phone, email, or our online form, our friendly staff will arrange for a site visit. We will evaluate your available roof space and help analyse your energy usage and costs.
A proposal request can be made without a site visit, as well.

Step 2


Our staff will prepare a proposal based on information requested and provided, which outlines the system equipment, contract cost, state rebate amount, and federal tax credit.
The proposal will also include the statistics, graphs and calculations along with the proposed layout of panels on roof.
We believe in enabling our customers making an informative decision, hence, the designing is laso done at proposal stage before signing the contract.

Step 3


After you have reviewed the proposal and accepted and sign the contract, we will process the paperwork for rebate and approval from energy provider and begin the project.

Step 4


We will take care of all material procurement, permits, engineering and installation. Also, the commissioning of inverter and setting up the inverter to app on your phone/Tablet.
Congratulations! Your new system is now helping you save money, and the environment!

$0 upfront finance options & Battery storage incentives available