Residential Solar

As one of the reputed 100% Australia owned solar companies in Australia, we have a wide range of grid-connect solar systems powering everything from whole communities and developments, through to family homes.
At AU SOLAR FEED, The household or residential solar system is the basis of how our business was built! we understand that each resident’s needs are unique and different. Our team of experts have been sitting down with homeowners 1 to 1 since day one and have a depth of experience in recommending the right size system to meet individual needs and consumption habits.
With 10+ years experience in solar industry, we understand that for many people, deciding who to choose for their solar energy system is a difficult choice and a massive investment. This is why we consistently endeavour to provide an unparalleled service in cost, ease and workmanship. We will work with you on a transparent basis, analysing the needs of your home to ensure you get the system that best suits your family requirements while keeping in mind your budgetary restraints.
Regardless of whether you’re building a new home or upgrading your existing property, we have a solar option for you and want to make the process as streamlined as possible. Choose from our residential Grid-Connected System or Hybrid System with Battery Storage. We specialise in OFF-GRID/Standalone system, so, if you have grown tired of those blackouts which could last for days you have arrived at right place!
We’ll walk you through the entire process from consulting the system size, design to installing and commissioning – We offer an outstanding after sales support 24/7. Stepwise Consultation :
Stepwise Consultation :

Step 1

We will take the time to visit you in person and sit down with you to assess your energy usage and consumption habits. We will also determine how suitable your rooftop is for solar. We will also assess other required site specifications like Meter Box, Switch Box, ideal location for Inverter, etc to do and follow all essential CEC’s guidelines.

Step 2

We will show you how to read your electricity bills and understand how the charges are calculated so you can interpret how our calculations can result in a system solution that can help you save in multiple ways. We can show you the real numbers that will lead to a $O, or significant reduced electricity bill. We will confidently size the right system using the historical data from your past electricity bills. We will also discuss any future home improvement plans that might need to be taken into account when designing your solar system like purchase of EV, Swimming Pool, etc.

Step 3

We explain feed-in tariffs and the federal government Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), so you can get the full picture and assess the positive impact on your budget. As a standard practice, we coque de telephone zadig et voltaireelf barelf barshein phone cases provide this savings and costing breakdown to you in an easy-to-read document for review after our appointment

$0 upfront finance options & Battery storage incentives available