Commercial Solar

Investing in a solar power system for your commercial building could strategically change the future running costs of your business and help to maximise your return on investment.Now, more than ever, is a better time to go solar. Energy bills are the highest they have ever been in Australia and are directly increasing your business’s running costs. While energy bills are spiking, solar prices are falling, and the Government is continuing to provide incentives and rebates.
We pride ourselves on providing the most efficient products, ensuring we keep your office or warehouse running when you need it most, lowering electricity costs and reducing your impact on the environment.
Whether it’s a small business or an industrial-sized building, we have the team and the expertise to provide the right commercial solar system for your building needs. Our team of experts include electrical engineers who can provide the support we need to deliver the most appropriate installation for the building structure and ensure all measures are in place to meet large-scale solar safety requirements. As commercial grade solutions are big investments, our team of solar experts will collaborate with the business to design the ideal solution, including performing thorough assessments and checks of the building, roofing, and the existing electrical wiring before suggesting an ideal solar solution.
We will provide an assessment on what solar can do for your business in the long-term and ensure you get the most out of government incentives, our 3-4year payback period and the system yield. With CEC designers and installers, a 10-year warranty backed by our workmanship guarantee, there has never been a better time to switch to a greener energy option.
Stepwise Consultation:

Step 1

One of our commercial experts will meet with a business representative to discuss the building layout, condition, desirable system size, panel placements and overall goals for the project. We then provide a proposal that includes a suite of globally recognised Tier 1 products all chosen to meet the project goals and budget.
AU Solar Feed, is committed to providing Aussie businesses with the highest quality solar system products at the most competitive rates. Our experts have immense and wide-ranging experience and will go the extra mile to service our clients with the most innovative and affordable commercial solar systems in the market.

Step 2

Once the finer details have been decided, we conduct a pre-site assessment with an engineer to ensure the proposed solution will fulfil all project requirements and there are no surprises when we arrive to carry out the installation

Step 3

Next, we move into sourcing the required grid approvals and progressing with installation plans. All parties are informed at every step to ensure the process is transparent, thorough and robust.
Why Every Australian Business Should Go Solar?
The threat of continued electricity price rises poses significant challenges for Australian Businesses. DE Energy Commercial Solar Power Systems provides the ultimate solution for businesses which are wanting to save money but also promote a green solution. Commercial Solar Power will have immediate effects when it comes to cutting the costs of your bills. Your business will also take advantage of DE Energy’s promise to provide you with a product which will last as well as work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If there are any issues with your Panels our team offer 24 hour support to back you at your time of need. We believe that Solar is the way of the future for all Australian cordon coque telephoneotterbox phone caseself bar 600 vapeelf bar flavourelf bar bc5000 fiyats10 phone casephone cover businesses and with benefits that are next to none we think you’ll agree too. See the positives of going Solar today!

We can help you get finance for your system to generate cash-flow positive outcome

$0 upfront finance options & Battery storage incentives available