At AU SOLARFEED, Our main goal is to promote Clean energy from an energy source which is like no other, The Sun.
Our ethics & values enables us to achieve our goal without compromising quality, integrity & professionalism.
We are a CEC approved member- The team at AU SOLARFEED always had one motto "Quality over Quantity". Being an Australian owned company, we share the same values & cultures as our beloved clients.


Produce your own clean energy while you contribute in saving the Environment

Australian Owned

AU Solar Feed is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. Our honest approach provides homeowners and business owners with all the information they need when considering Solar Power. CLEAN ENERGY COUNCIL MEMBER

Australian Warranty

All our products come with 15-30 years manufacturer product warranty. We offer an industry leading 10-year warranty on all our workmanship.

Performance Guarantee

AU Solar Feed provides Free Solar Monitoring system to our solar customer (conditions applied).
Are you sick and tired of seeing your rising Energy bills? Let sun pay fot your energy bill.

Take control of your energy bills by installing a high-efficiency solar system at no upfront cost.

You are paying for it anyways, so why not pay for solar and have something to show for it. You know it makes sense isn’t it?https://www.traditionrolex.com/18

Contact us today so you can start enjoying the benefits of owning a solar system for $0 upfront with AU SOLAR FEED.

We Combine Technology with Ingenuity For the Best Solar Solutions

Our Products



Solar systems are more accessible, affordable and easier to go than ever before.
Inverter /Hybrid Inverters/Micro Inverters

Inverter /Hybrid Inverters/Micro Inverters

The title for best grid-tie solar inverter has never been closer as many of the top manufacturers release advanced new models
Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Battery storage uses a chemical process to store electrical energy, which can then be used at a later time.

Our Performance

Why Should You Install Solar

Temperatures are on the rise and so is your energy bill. It is time to go green and save on your electricity cost by utilising your roof space. It is time to boost Australia’s economy by becoming energy efficient.

Up to $4000 govt rebate

Solar power pays for itself

Safeguard yourself from ever rising energy bills

Increases your property value

$0 Upfront options

Be a part of Sustainable solution

High Return on investment

Cash flow positive through solar power

Be your own energy boss

$0 upfront finance options & Battery storage incentives available